Your end of year checklist

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It is almost the end of the year and what better time than to take stock and reflect on the year, and prepare your business for the new year.

This is also a good time to review on what worked and what didn’t work. List down your sucesses and achievements.  Did you develop as a person during the year?   Are you in a better place compared to the previous year? How did you go against your business plans?

During this review, it is also a good time to see what could have improved? What were the activities or initiatives that you tried that didn’t work so well?

Look also at your own personal development.   Did you grow as a person?  What was the most important thing that you learned in 2018?

Not all success is financial.  For instance, it could be that you ran more first home buyer sessions in 2018.  Or you were recognised for the constributions you made to your community.

Once you have made your review, put some ideas together about how you can improve for 2019.

For instance, you may want to improve your customer service processes. Or you may want to take up a new skill like learning a new language.

Look for any areas of improvement and put a strategy together for 2019.

Be prepared to adapt to changes, and don’t stress too much about the things that you cannot control. As Gus Balbontin said, “have a clear vision and a loose plan”.

And finally, remember to take some time out during the summer holidays to relax and recharge.