What are your customers buying from you?

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What do your customers buy from you?

Clients buy your confidence before they buy a mortgage solution (or mortgage product) from you.

When a client makes a purchase from you, all they have to base their decision on is your words. But it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

You may be the smartest and the most technically competent mortgage broker around, but if you don’t portray confidence, you will struggle to convert prospects into clients.

Research suggests that “what” you say has a 20% impact on your message. Compared to “how” you say it which makes up the remaining 80%. In other words, if you don’t portray confidence in what you say, you will struggle to convert prospects into clients.

An example is when a client makes an enquiry. Your job is to qualify them fast and if they qualify as a buyer, then your priority should be to get in front of them ASAP. This gives you the opportunity to blow them away with your advice, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate why they need you in their corner.

Be confident and be direct. “Mr Client, my diary gets booked out fast, but the great news is that I still have a coupe of appointment slots available in my diary later this week. I can see you Thursday 11.30am or Friday 1.45pm. Which suits best?”

Be direct. Create a sense of urgency. Show that you are a busy professional and watch them accomodate their busy schedule to meet with you.

Do what 99% of brokers don’t do, stretch yourself and get uncomfortable. Get out of your comfort zone and watch your results take off.

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