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My top 3 issues to focus on

Last year, Niik Stewart (coach to celebrities, executives, and businesses) was training at my gym and approached me:

“Mario, you’re a positive successful guy in the mortgage game. Today I’m presenting to around 200 brokers hosted by The Adviser New Broker Academy.

What would you say to the room are your top 3 most important issues to focus on in order to succeed in the mortgage game?”

Here’s what immediately sprung to mind:

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Seven low cost marketing ideas to grow your mortgage broking business

It does not take much to grow your audience

Whether you have been in the mortgage industry for a while, or just starting out, marketing your business does not have to be a big budget production.

There are many inexpensive ways to build your brand and your customer base.

Some of these ideas have been tried by our brokers, and they certainly don’t involve a lot of capital.

With a little bit of ingenuity, innovation, industry connections, and some work, here are seven marketing ideas you can use to grow your business.

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What is the value of your brand?

Photo by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash

Warren Buffet was reputed to have said: “If you gave me $100 billion and said take away the market leadership of Coca-Cola in the world, I’d give it back to you and say it can’t be done.”

Essentially what Warren was saying is that the brand and reputation of Coca-Cola was worth more than $100 billion.

When you look at it that way, Coca-Cola makes more money than Pepsi (the brand) or any type of cola or soft drink on the market. The value of its brand is such that it allows Coca-Cola to charge a premium for its beverages.

Taking a leaf from their book, what is the value of your mortgage business? I mean what is the value of your brand? Do you have a reputation?

And like all small businesses we all struggle to build our reputations and brands. How do we project confidence in our services? How do we get our “name” out there, above the noise of the market?

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What are your customers buying from you?

What do your customers buy from you?

Clients buy your confidence before they buy a mortgage solution (or mortgage product) from you.

When a client makes a purchase from you, all they have to base their decision on is your words. But it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

You may be the smartest and the most technically competent mortgage broker around, but if you don’t portray confidence, you will struggle to convert prospects into clients.

Research suggests that “what” you say has a 20% impact on your message. Compared to “how” you say it which makes up the remaining 80%. In other words, if you don’t portray confidence in what you say, you will struggle to convert prospects into clients.

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Strategies to make 2019 your best ever


Credit policy and criteria are tightening.  As mortgage brokers how can you leverage this for best results?

Lending criteria continues to change and tighten.  But the proportion of loans sourced through the broker channel continues to grow.

According to the latest MFAA IIS report, 55.3 percent of all home loans have been sourced through a mortgage broker.

Based on the findings of this report, the main trends in the industry are:

  • Increased compliance requirements for mortgage brokers
  • Tightening criteria in lender’s credit policies
  • Growing demand for mortgage broking services

With the increasing complexity and tightening credit conditions, this has increased the demand for mortgage brokers, as consumers seek help to navigate through the confusion to achieve their financing needs.

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Are you organised for success?


Do you ever wonder why some brokers seem to write good volumes of business and make it look easy?

Do you think it is because they only receive perfect leads?  Or could it be something else?

If you look behind the scenes, these guys usually not only have a well oiled machine (operational excellence and rigid processes), but they also operate like clockwork.

The trick is to be super organised.

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Back to the future


An old time classic movie, wasn’t it?

Do you ever wish you had a time machine to either see into the future or go back to your past and make (some or many) changes?

Remember this guys.  Life is not a rehearsal.  You only get one life, but if you do it right once is enough.  Make this your business motto also.

In business people will tell you that persistence is the key, particularly in sales.  But if you think about it, persistence only works if you repeat the same things that worked.  No point repeating mistakes.

Here’s an exercise I recommend you do today!

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How to plan your day – by Vinay Gehi (Copper Finance)

How to plan your day


Planning your day is vital to your success.  It may seem obvious, but if you stick to a schedule, chances are you’ll be more productive and more likely to achieve your goals.

Letting your day happen “organically” may sound cooler, but according to the experts, this kind of approach will leave you vulnerable to the inevitable distractions, interruptions and unexpected tasks that interfere with your priorities.

If it’s a fact that whatever you don’t measure doesn’t get done, the same goes for planning, whether it’s your day, week, month, or year — right up to your long-term targets.

And no one wants to end their day feeling like it was spaghetti, and that they’ve hardly achieved anything.

I’ve been a broker for two years and planning my day allows me to deliver the best possible customer experience.

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What makes a mortgage broker successful?

What makes a mortgage broker successful?


Mario and I were at the Australian Broking Awards in June, where we were a finalist in the Training and Education Program category.   And some of the best mortgage brokers were there.

When I looked around the room full of successful mortgage brokers, what struck me was that mortgage brokers are a motley bunch!  They were young, some older than me, introverts, extroverts, and even women!  And the successful ones come in all different shapes and sizes.

The beauty about the mortgage broking industry and this business is that there is no corporate ladder.  It is definitely BYO ladder.  This is one of the few businesses where you start at the top.  You are the CEO, CFO, COO, the sales manager, and also the admin processor – in fact you have to do everything.

And with low business entry costs compared to other businesses, this has led to many people deciding to enter the mortgage industry to chase their entrepreneurial dreams.

Which got me to thinking about what are the traits that each of our successful fellow brokers had in that event that made them successful?

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Are you dressed for success?


In this industry, trust plays a big role in whether someone will deal with you or not.  And like it or not, how you dress has a huge effect on how people view and perceive you.

Your personal brand 

What do you wish for people to associate with you when they think of you? Is there a certain subject matter in which you want to be perceived as an expert or are there general qualities you want linked to?

Things like the color, cut, and style of the clothes you wear – and even your accessories – communicate loudly.

But the way you dress also affects how we see ourselves.  To boost your confidence, dress well.

Choose clothing that reflects who you are and the image you want to project.

Perception is reality.  And what your customers perceive about who you are can sometimes matter.

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