Lead Generation

Want to know the secret of converting more leads?

There is no "one size" that fits all your clients

It’s all about having the right PROCESS. And not just one generic process, but a process for each client type.

That is what makes all the difference!

In our game, having a ‘one size fits all’ qualification process won’t cut it.

Think about it: Your qualification process for a First Home Buyer should be completely different to an investor, an upgrader, or a refinance client.

I recommend you document key points that are relevant for each client type. This way you have a reference point for when an enquiry is received, which in turn will help you become more efficient.

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How good are your conversions?


How good is your follow up process and follow up system?

Put the TV on mute and pay close attention to this article.  It will make you money!

Do you know the number one reason a successful broker has a high conversion rate?

Yes, skill is one attribute.  But nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a broker with a super-charged follow-up system.

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Give to get – the secret to getting more referrals

Give to get - the secret to getting more referrals


What are you doing this week to find new business for your key referral partners?

To succeed in this game, you need to think differently.

Most mortgage brokers focus on sourcing mortgage leads.  After all, that’s the business we’re in right?  Wrong.

Of course the service we provide is mortgage broking.  That is obvious.  However to win in this game you need to understand that you are in a relationship business.

Take a good look at the most successful brokers and I’m sure you’ll agree that they stand out for one reason.  They have lots of friends.  Lots of business contacts.  Lots of people on their database.

One way to receive mortgage leads is to help others with their own business.  Of course, you only want to refer people who you trust with your clients, and those who you know will reciprocate.  But I can tell you from experience, when you help someone else, karma has a way of paying you back, many folds.


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Let’s do lunch

Networking over lunch to build relationships


Here’s my tip to help you with a lead generation idea:  Do you have any lunch appointments set for this week?

If not, get on the phone today and set up a lunch meeting with someone.  If you can score two lunches then great.  But as a minimum, you need to have at least once lunch set up for later this week.

Lunch with who?  Here are some ideas to help you:

  • A prior work colleague
  • An old friend you haven’t seen in a while
  • A relative
  • Someone you see often in your neighbourhood
  • A local business person such a Real Estate Agent

When I started out in mortgage broking, I made it a habit to lunch with at least one different person every week.  Most weeks I would lunch with two people, but as a minimum I would lunch with at least one person, and it was someone different every week.  I did this religiously for 6 months.  The results were amazing!

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What’s your number?


What’s your number?  No. Not your phone number.

What do you want this year?
– What’s your settlement target?
– How much money do you want to make?
– How many leads do you want/need?
– How many appointments do you need/want?
– What will your trail book look like at 31 Dec?
– How much upfront commission will you earn?

If you can’t answer the above questions with precision, then ask yourself:  “Are you really serious about your business?”

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Do You Have a Marketing Strategy?

Do you have a marketing strategy?


We all go through peaks and troughs in business. Two weeks ago, Adrian and I caught up to discuss this. Like every mortgage broker we cannot predict when we will get calls from our customers.

Sometimes we will get 4-6 calls in one day as our clients contact us because they have purchased a house, want to release equity to renovate or simply to ask a question about finance.

At other times the phone doesn’t ring.

Nothing causes more anxiety to a mortgage broker like a silent phone.

If you have a marketing startegy, you can take advantage of this “downtime” to implement activities to build your brand.

But first, do you have a marketing strategy?

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How to build and grow your brand (as a new broker starting up)


Building and growing a business brand can be challenging.  No matter how long you have been in business, you have to continually grow and build your brand.  This is doubly more difficult when you are new to the industry.

So how does a new broker build and grow their brand?


Create a brand brief

The best way is to document what your business is about.  When we started Masters Broker Group in 2012, we used a brand brief.  The purpose of the brand brief process was to make us write down what we wanted our brand to look and feel like?  How would our customers and colleagues view our business? How would we like to engage our customers?  If the business was a person, what sort of personality would it have?

Use the brand brief template from our website as a guide to help you write these down.

You may have to take a step back and answer some fundamental questions first.  Like what is your value proposition and who is your target audience or ideal customer?  These are very important questions, and you should take the time to review these.

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Are you ready for 2018?

Plan your business for 2018


According to Peter White, president of the FBAA, 50% of new-to-industry brokers who enter the mortgage industry will not survive in 18 months.

“Going into business without a business plan is like going on a mountain trek without a map or GPS support – you’ll eventually get lost and starve!” — Kevin J. Donaldson

Unfortunately the majority of these businesses fail due to insufficient planning.

They have not thought through their marketing plans, their cash flows, and their operational plans.

If you can understand how to plan better, it could take your mortgage business to the next level.

Your business plan should be a strategic analysis of what you want your business to achieve financially and when.

It should include goals – and these need to be achievable, with realistic timeframes on how you will achieve them.

Your plan should also include how you will promote and market your business.

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How to generate more leads?

How to be the grandmaster of mortgage professionals


If you have recently started in the industry, you would realise by now that a “lead” is not a lead.  And an unqualified lead is not real.  In fact, unqualified leads cost you – in time and money!

And unless you have a large marketing budget, how do you cut through the noise to get prospects to recognise what you do?   Come to think of it, an expensive advertising campaign may not cut through the noisy marketplace if it isn’t executed well.

Here are some key actions you need for your business to succeed:

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Get to know your clients

Know your customers well


In his article “How to write a great business plan”, Bill Sahlman poses a number of questions that we should focus on.  And the main focus of all our mortgage broking businesses should be about our customers.  Less so than our competition.

For instance, if we focus our mortgage broking business on what our competitors, (for instance, the banks) were doing, we might do things a bit better than them.  How are they doing it, what products and services are they providing, etc.

But most of that would be on the basic level.  And we could run into the trap of being a “me-too”.

What if we focus on what the issues our clients and customers are facing?  And what problems we can solve for them?  Perhaps we can provide better value to our customers.

And the by product is we will leap-frog our competitors.

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