What’s your number?


What’s your number?  No. Not your phone number.

What do you want this year?
– What’s your settlement target?
– How much money do you want to make?
– How many leads do you want/need?
– How many appointments do you need/want?
– What will your trail book look like at 31 Dec?
– How much upfront commission will you earn?

If you can’t answer the above questions with precision, then ask yourself:  “Are you really serious about your business?”

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Australian Broking Awards 2018 – Finalists


Well done to the finalists in the 2018 Australian Broking Awards.  Our group has three short-listed nominations in this year’s national awards:

  • Duy Tran (Certified Lending) in the Newcomer of the Year – Regional category
  • Vinay Gehi (Copper Finance) in the Rising Star category
  • Masters Broker Group in the Training and Education Program of the Year category

Now in its eighth consecutive year, the Australian Broking Awards recognises the hard work and perseverance of mortgage brokers, brokerages and aggregator groups, providing finalists with an unparalleled opportunity to be recognised at local, state and national levels.

Founded in 2012, Masters Broker Group has developed a mentoring and coaching mastery program to give mortgage brokers a competitive edge.  It specialises in mentoring and training new mortgage brokers to become successful in the industry.

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We all work on probabilities

Marketing and fishing


Nothing is certain in life or in business.  Take lead generation for instance.

I consider marketing and lead generation a bit like fishing.

Once you work out what fish you want to catch (aka your target audience)., get the right bait and equipment, you are never guaranteed to catch anything.

But what you can do is maximise your chances of getting a bite.

Are you at the right spot? Is this the right season? Have we got the right bait?

Focus on your marketing strategy. Have you made sure that your marketing activities support the strategy? Have you allowed enough time for your campaign to work? Are you talking to the right people?

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Innovative ways to engage your clients

Innovative ways to engage your clients


Social Media, newsletters and emails can be great ways to reach and engage with your prospects and clients, but they’re not the only options.

There are plenty of innovative ways you can connect with and add value for your clients and contacts – and they don’t need to be big-budget marketing campaigns.

Here are some other ideas to help you reach and engage your contacts, prospects and clients.


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Do You Have a Marketing Strategy?

Do you have a marketing strategy?


We all go through peaks and troughs in business. Two weeks ago, Adrian and I caught up to discuss this. Like every mortgage broker we cannot predict when we will get calls from our customers.

Sometimes we will get 4-6 calls in one day as our clients contact us because they have purchased a house, want to release equity to renovate or simply to ask a question about finance.

At other times the phone doesn’t ring.

Nothing causes more anxiety to a mortgage broker like a silent phone.

If you have a marketing startegy, you can take advantage of this “downtime” to implement activities to build your brand.

But first, do you have a marketing strategy?

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Financial Services Royal Commission

Banking Royal Commission


The Royal Commission has started its public hearings with case studies of misconduct in relation to home loans, with particular emphasis on the role of mortgage brokers and referrers and the effect of payment of commissions and staff incentives.

A number of bank executives have been called as witnesses to describe their internal processes. The admission of “mistakes” made by the banks (which has been reported by the media) has made for interesting watching and reading.

The terms of reference of the Royal Commission are outlined at

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How to market with a (almost) zero marketing budget

Marketing is a race without a finishing line


One of the biggest challenges that any new mortgage business will face is how to acquire customers.

This challenge is faced by more established businesses as well.

I would contend that marketing is a never-ending activity, and that all businesses must engage in, or they will not survive.


What is marketing?

Most mortgage broking businesses use marketing as a tool to acquire new customers.  Whilst this is certainly true for start-ups, more established businesses will need to continue to market to their existing customers – either to retain their custom or to have them become advocates for their services.

“Marketing is a race without a finishing line” – Philip Kotler

With the onset of new technologies and new competition in the finance and mortgage market, the businesses have to ensure that their marketing activities remain fresh and relevant to their audience.

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How to build and grow your brand (as a new broker starting up)


Building and growing a business brand can be challenging.  No matter how long you have been in business, you have to continually grow and build your brand.  This is doubly more difficult when you are new to the industry.

So how does a new broker build and grow their brand?


Create a brand brief

The best way is to document what your business is about.  When we started Masters Broker Group in 2012, we used a brand brief.  The purpose of the brand brief process was to make us write down what we wanted our brand to look and feel like?  How would our customers and colleagues view our business? How would we like to engage our customers?  If the business was a person, what sort of personality would it have?

Use the brand brief template from our website as a guide to help you write these down.

You may have to take a step back and answer some fundamental questions first.  Like what is your value proposition and who is your target audience or ideal customer?  These are very important questions, and you should take the time to review these.

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Are you dressed for success?


In this industry, trust plays a big role in whether someone will deal with you or not.  And like it or not, how you dress has a huge effect on how people view and perceive you.

Your personal brand 

What do you wish for people to associate with you when they think of you? Is there a certain subject matter in which you want to be perceived as an expert or are there general qualities you want linked to?

Things like the color, cut, and style of the clothes you wear – and even your accessories – communicate loudly.

But the way you dress also affects how we see ourselves.  To boost your confidence, dress well.

Choose clothing that reflects who you are and the image you want to project.

Perception is reality.  And what your customers perceive about who you are can sometimes matter.

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Congratulations to the finalists for the 2018 Better Business Awards

Better Business Awards 2018 - Finalist


The finalists for the Victorian Better Business Awards 2018, were announced yesterday.  Masters Broker Group has two of its brokers listed as finalists in the 2018 Awards.

Momentum Media’s managing editor of mortgages, James Mitchell, said that the calibre of submissions for 2018’s awards is as high as it has ever been, a true reflection of the strength of the mortgage broking industry right now.

“Mortgage professionals continue to raise the bar, and the finalists for the 2018 Better Business Awards are all examples of the professionalism of the third-party channel. The industry continues to show that it can keep pace with change and remain committed to delivering quality outcomes for customers,” Mr Mitchell said.

Congratulations to Mario Borg (Best Residential Broker) and Vinay Gehi (Rising Star) on making the finalist list, and best of luck with the awards.