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Mortgage Broking can be one of the most financially and personally rewarding businesses there is.  To achieve real and lasting success, you need the right tools and the right guidance.

Masters Broker Group has developed a mentoring and coaching mastery program to give you a competitive edge.

Our purpose is to mentor and coach you to become a trusted Mortgage professional that your customers will rave on about and want to refer you to their family and friends.

We believe that by investing the necessary time with you, your chance of success will be higher.  We provide you with the tools, templates, systems, processes, and know-how to help you grow your mortgage broking practice in a predictable way.

To build a successful business you need the right tools, which are where we come in.  We have the tools, insights and expertise to help you succeed.

Our number one priority is to mentor and coach Mortgage Brokers build a successful mortgage broking business that they can be proud of, and to enjoy the financial freedom that is real from this business.

You will be part of a network of like-minded mortgage professionals.  As a member, you have access to advice and support from two highly experienced mortgage professionals with a strong reputation within the industry:

  • Mario Borg is one of Australia’s top Mortgage Brokers featuring on the MPA Top 100 list since 2006.  Mario has a strong reputation within the industry and has taken home many industry awards,
  • Andrew Tan has a proven track record of helping hundreds of mortgage brokers create and build highly successful mortgage broking businesses,
  • Both Mario and Andrew, through their influence and guidance, have had a tremendous effect on transforming mortgage brokers to be the best that they can be and to reap the financial rewards from this great business,

Our mentoring programs are designed for new entrants into the finance broking industry.  We do this through a series of workshops, activities and coaching sessions to help you gain the knowledge and expertise to become successful.

Masters Broker Group has created a learning and sharing environment which benefits you, as you will be part of a network of like-minded mortgage professionals who share their experience and knowledge to help their peers succeed.

What you can expect as a valued member of Masters Broker Group?

  • Be inspired by someone who’s been there before and propel your business to new heights – we have assisted many mortgage brokers in the industry
  • You will get skills and action plans to implement into your own business
  • You will be mentored and coached by highly experienced mortgage professionals who have achieved great heights as mortgage brokers
  • Benefit from a commission split that is amongst the highest in the industry:  Our members receive 92% upfront and 92% trail – out of the 100% paid by the Lender
  • You will become more efficient and productive, with tried and tested systems and processes
  • Network with and learn from other successful mortgage professionals
  • Get help with your business decisions – you are not alone
  • Enhance your professional abilities and skills
  • Increase your revenues in a predictable, sustainable way
  • We conduct regular reviews of your business performance – So your success is inevitable as we keep you accountable
  • You get to attend our Master Class workshops which include the following:
    • Best practice business templates
    • Business planning templates including our Scorecards
    • After Care program systems
    • Workflow management
    • Client settlement survey methods
    • Proven systems to enhance your business
  • Business and strategic planning assistance to help you with an exit strategy

Join us to get the most comprehensive ‘How-To’ practical knowledge to build your own profitable and sustainable mortgage broking business, and let us help you start your journey to growing your own successful mortgage business.

Read some of the comments and testimonials others have said about Masters Broker Group and contact us on 1300 645 419 to find out more.

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